Marcus & Andrea | Hong Kong Wedding


Marcus & Andrea | Hong Kong Wedding

Following their Lake District engagement shoot in the UK Andrea and Marcus asked me to document their wedding celebrations at home in Hong Kong. My style is distinctly different from the light, overexposed and blown-out look favoured by many a Hong Kong Wedding Photographer. They loved my more cinematic approach of playing with light and shadows and asked if I would consider it as a destination wedding photographer. For me, it was a no brainer with it being one of my favourite destinations in the world.

Like their wedding celebrations in general, Andrea and Marcus wanted their wedding photography to feel different. They wanted a blend of traditional and modern, with an east meets west feel and something totally unique to them.

The Traditional Tea Ceremony

Opting for a small intimate wedding involving only their closest family and friends they had a traditional Chinese tea ceremony on day 1. Day Two of their wedding celebrations, however, was a truly different event. A modern, Catholic Hong Kong Wedding at church followed by a stunning wedding reception.


A relaxed slightly overcast morning saw me making my way up the Peak on Hong Kong Island to Andrea’s home. Here she was getting ready with her bridesmaids and family. After which we made our way to the beautiful Saint Margaret’s Church, Catholic Church on Leighton Hill for their wedding ceremony.

The Ceremony – St Margarets Church, Leighton Hill

Located in Hong Kong‘s Leighton Hill, St Margaret’s Church is a Neoclassical Church designed by Italian architect U Gonella. Completed in 1923, the church was consecrated in 1925.

A Picturesuqe Wedding Venue

The church nestles between tall buildings with stunning views across Causeway Bay. It is the perfect location to say “I do”.  This picturesque-looking venue with its two tiers of steps leading up to the front of the church makes it very popular.

Arrival of The BrIde

Along with 250 of their wedding guests, Marcus waited for his bride to arrive. As an orchestra played, all heads in the church turned to the entrance to await the arrival of Andrea. As the large wooden doors opened I heard 1-2 gasps of delight. Andrea looked absolutely beautiful and she walked down the aisle with her father wearing a traditional western-style wedding dress. The emotions ran high as Marcus & Andrea committed their love for one another in front of their guests.

The Reception – Hong Kong Country Club, Deep Water Bay

Following the wedding ceremony, it was time to head to The Hong Kong Country Club at Deep Water Bay. The Hong Kong Country Club lies in five acres of lush green, secluded and mature grounds. Acknowledged as one of Asia’s finer private members’ clubs this beautiful location is set overlooking Deep Water Bay. In contrast to the hustle and bustle that is the heart of Hong Kong, this location has a completely different feel. One that is idyllic and quiet. 


Before the guests arrived in the evening I had time to spend with Andrea and Marcus and their families getting some formal portraits. The couple had already opted for a separate wedding portrait session at Victoria harbor, but it was nice to get some of the bridal party on the day. Everyone was a pleasure to be around and I can’t thank them enough for making me so welcome.


The reception room within the Hong Kong Country Club transformed into the most magnificent wedding venue I’ve seen in a long time with spectacular styling. Thousands of flowers decorated the room, everywhere you looked, it looked and smelt incredible. The wedding styling was the creation of the very talented Michele Li of The Wedding Company. A wonderful and creative wedding planner, who was an absolute pleasure to work alongside. 


Andrea and Marcus along with their families hosted a wonderful reception. From the traditional outfit change for the bride between courses of the evening meal. To the fantastic toasts and speeches made by loved ones reliving their memories of the couple. There was a fantastic flow to their celebrations.

THE First Dance & Partying The Night Away

Following the meal, it was time for a touching father & daughter dance. Andrea’s father beamed with pride. An emotion Marcus also displays as the couple has their first dance before the wedding party and guests join them on the dance floor to party the night away. Accompanied by an incredible live band, it was a wonderful evening, for an amazing couple.a fantastic flow to their celebrations.

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Last Updated on 24 August 2021