Destination Wedding : Barbados :Caroline + Mark : Day 2

Destination Wedding : Barbados : Caroline + Mark : Day 2

For a destination wedding photographer, like myself, being asked to photograph a Barbados Wedding really is a dream come true.  This small Caribbean island is a tropical paradise, and a great location for a destination wedding.  It has it all.  Succulent tropical flowers, crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches through to vibrant colourful backdrops.  It’s easy to see why Caroline and Mark chose it for their small intimate wedding with their closest family and friends.

In part one of this blog I told you about Caroline & Mark’s elopement like ceremony.  Today, I am sharing with you their destination wedding celebration and blessing.

Destination Wedding : Barbados : Relaxed Fun

Destination Weddings generally have a totally different atmosphere to larger weddings back at home.  Everyone seems generally more relaxed and the holiday vibe seems to take the edge off the stress levels.  Caroline, is possibly one of the most relaxed brides I have ever seen on the morning of her big day.  Even though the morning started off overcast; the first day it had been in 2 weeks, it didn’t stop her and her family from getting up, having a cooked breakfast and a swim in the sea.  I’ll never forget asking where the bride to be was.  Expecting to hear she was getting ready, I was led out to the decking.  There, I see her splashing around, laughing with her family in the sea.  It set the tone for this very special intimate wedding.  Relaxed and fun.

Sailing boat on the sea Barbados Sea view with a sailing boat on the horizon Beach Cove on Holetown Beach

Destination Wedding : Barbados : The Blue Lagoon Villa

Mark & Caroline chose The Blue Lagoon Villa in Barbados, in which to have their blessing.  This stunning villa, with a sundrenched terrace, beautiful decking overlooking the beach and sea was amazing.  Not that i am jealous, but it has it’s own small private cove to boot too.  It really is a dream location.  The decking had been lined with fairy lights, and paper lanterns, and looked spectacular.  When, Caroline finally got out of the sea, she greeted me with her usual warm smile, laughing when I said she only had an hour to get ready.

Bride laughing and joking with Bridesmaids as they get ready for wedding Bride with her mother and sister Mother of Bride caught in emotional moment, stood in front of window Bride & Bridesmaids tood in front of window together smiling and laughing Bride looking out window on morning of her wedding Bridal Hair clips being put into Brides hair as finishing touches Bride applying her makeup Little girl wrapped in towel with grandmother looking out of the window Wedding dress backlit by light from window it is hung in front of Bridal Shoes hung over a bamboo ladder

Barbados Wedding Photographer : A favourite image

There is always an intimate beautiful moment with a bride, when it dawns on her, that it’s actually her wedding day.  She will be beginning a new chapter in her life.  These moments happen at anytime throughout the day.  More often than not though, it is when they put on their wedding dress and see themselves for the first time.  They are often one of my favourite moments to capture

Bride getting into her wedding dress Bride getting into her wedding dress Bride in wedding dress looking down in moment of pause Emotional bride gasping as she see's herself in dress for first time Bride looking out of window showing back detail to her exquisite wedding dress Bride leaning against 4 poster bed smiling



Barbados Wedding : The Blessing

Caroline had decided she wanted a first look with her dad, prior to the blessing.  I’m a massive fan of the first look as regular readers of my blog will know.  An hour and half later than planned, and with a very jolly and relaxed officiant sat enjoying a drink and chatting with guests she finally descended the stairs.  Holding her daughter in her arms you could see and feel the emotion between her and her father.  Walking out of the villa and down the aisle there was a gasp from the guests as she stepped out into what was now bright sunshine and the bajan heat.  I don’t think I’ve heard so much laughter during a ceremony.  The most noteworthy highlight being when Mark & Caroline’s daughter interrupted the officiant, because she wanted to be part of it.

Father of Bride seeing his daughter come down the stairs for the first time in her wedding dress, holding her bouquet Teary Bride and her daughter held in her arms descending the stairs for a first look with her dad Father of Bride seeing his daughter come down the stairs for the first time in her wedding dress, holding her bouquetLush Vegetation and flowers in BarbadosBlue Sky showing Palms in the foregroundPalm Leaves Bride, her daughter, and her father beginning the walk down the aisle to her weddingGroom, Officant and guests watching the bride coming down the aisle Father walking daughter down the aisle as guests onlook framed by paper lanterns and a backdrop to the sea Officiant holding wedding rings in the pages of the bible Officiant holding wedding rings in the pages of the bible Bride & Groom listening to officiant at their wedding Bride & Groom listening to officiant at their wedding in Barbados with a backdrop of the sea Bride & Groom listening to officiant at their wedding Groom placing ring on Bride's finger Bride & Groom laughing with wedding officiant during vows Bride, Groom laughing as daughter interupts wedding ceremony Groom, Officiant, Bride & Daughter during the wedding ceremony Loving mother and Bride resting tired baby daughters head on her shoulder

Destination Wedding : Barbados : An Intimate Wedding

As you will see from the photographs below this really is an intimate wedding.  With only 12 guests and myself, it made organising the group photo’s a breeze.  Walking along the beach we were met with cheers, people clapping, and wishing the bride and groom the best of luck.  We even had the offer of a trip on a catamaran for the couple.

Bride, Groom and members of the Wedding party walking barefoot along Beach in Holetown, Barbados Bridal party walking along Holetown Beach, Barbados Bride, Groom and members of the Wedding party walking barefoot along Beach in Holetown, Barbados intimate family wedding shot of guests stood by tree on Holetown Beach, BarbadosWoman with long dress, no shoes walking on holetown Beach holding a young girl in her armsBride hold bouquet of flowers with whites and purplesBride & groom holding hands on a beach in BarbadosGroom whispering in Brides ear whilst holding her hand on holetown Beach, BarbadosBride and groom laughing on the beach whilst holding hands as groom whispers something in his bride's earBride & Groom laughing, whilst holding handsBride holding husband's head in her hands on resting their heads against each other on a beach in BarbadosBride and groom stood on Holetown Beach, Barbados with groom with his back to us and bride looking at camera smilingBride & Groom embracing on Holetone, Beach in Barbados with groom forming a heart on brides backBride & Groom sat outside of old wooden gate on wooden steps near Holetown, BarbadosBride & Groom walking along Holetown Beach holding the hands of their young daughter


Destination Wedding : Barbados : Party Time

A Calypso drum performer, got everyone in the party mood, playing modern music with a caribbean twist.  As the sun began to set, this small intimate wedding party carried on dancing and laughing until the early hours of the morning .

calypso steel drum player Family dancing outside villa with bride talking to father in background Sunsetting over the sea in barbdos Sunset in Holetown Barbados Father of the bride dancing with two Bajan guestsCouple dancing and hugging Intimate moment of bride hugging her mother in the evening by Barbados Wedding Photographer Jono Symonds Emotional Bride hugging mother tightly by Barbados Wedding Photographer Jono Symonds Striking Bride looking into camera surrounded by lanternsguests sat outside villa with bride and mother talking insideSun setting on the horizon in Barbados

Barbados Wedding Photographer

Mark & Caroline, your wedding was truly special.  Your family welcoming, and your hospitality second to none.  A pleasure to be part of your special day as your Barbados Wedding Photographer I wish you all the best.

Jono x


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